Name : Loy Calvadores

Your Discord id [ With Tag ] : Loy_Calvadores#7701

In-Game Name : Loy_Calvadores

What are your previous in-game names ? [ if you have any ] :

In-Game Level : 2

Roleplay Score : 22

Experience points : 71/100

Which faction / Special jobs you was work in before ? None… Garbage Collector in San Fierro.

Have you ever been arrested? [ If so, please state why ] : self surrendered and jailed for robbing the phamacy.

State your contributions towards San Andreas.[if any] [50 words minimum]: im gonna do my job and put my best on it, im gonna do it with my skills with highest posible speed and accuracy with a highest level of safety while following the standard operational procedure.

Why you want to join in this faction[SATD] ?[50 words minimum] :I love big trucks and its my favorite ride, i want to ride and travel a long way, so i think this job suits me, im enjoying while driving a truck so it means i not going to force my self to work, myself is going to love my work and i can properly do my job and this fits me.

Biography [50 words minimum] : An orphan child and no family since the day that he can remember, looking for someone who knows himself and his family and lead down to San Andreas where his home and his origins came from.

What skills can you bring to the community of SATD ? : my driving skills and my fast learning skills will help those who need supplies, im strict when we talk about time, ill bring you what ever you need, in too early and right on time, “never be late”

In which time zone [ IST ] you’re mostly available ? 22:00 to 03:00 GMT +8

do u need to say anything else ?
10% of something is better than 100% of nothing, everything starts on starting point… vamos amigos…

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