Name : Arun

Your Discord id [ With Tag ] :Arun_Kesavan#1540

In-Game Name : Arun_Kesavan

What are your previous in-game names ? [ if you have any ] :ngg_hunter

In-Game Level :42

Roleplay Score :1169

Experience points :1169

Which fraction / Special jobs you was work in before ? :groove street family

Have you ever been arrested? [ If so, please state why ] :yes for doing robbery

State your contributions towards San Andreas. [ if any ] [ 50 words minimum ] :
These city is very beautiful city in the world but beauty is not give me anything I should do job and make money and enjoy my life

Why you want to join in this fraction ? [ 50 words minimum ] :ya I heard about more jobs in our city but here one thing we need to think in our world everyone have cars,bike like etc… so they need fuel so I have a idea so this is job gives more money to me compare to other job it will.

Biography [ 50 words minimum ] :hmm I’m a person with only one thing that is life needs a money so i search a job for that if anyone give me opportunity i will never miss that I’m waiting for that

What skills can you bring to the community of IOPL ? : I use my skills here to improve this

In which time zone [ IST ] you’re mostly available ? :2pm to 8pm