Dilpreet_Khehra Application


Your Discord id [ With Tag ] : dilpreetsingh#3538

In-Game Name : Dilpreet_Khehra

What are your previous in-game names ? [ if you have any ] :no

In-Game Level :11

Roleplay Score :14

Experience points :he have experience in his back ground life he is a good driver

Which fraction / Special jobs you was work in before ? :No

Have you ever been arrested? [ If so, please state why ] :Yes for overspending

State your contributions towards San Andreas. [ if any ] [ 50 words minimum ] : first of all I like iorp server because of staff iorp staff is online on my time and staff always help me when I ask iorp so ya it is a good server and I want to play

Why you want to join in this fraction ? [ 50 words minimum ] : Because my character have no job but he have good driving experience and he wants to do it because he thought that he can do it

Biography [ 50 words minimum ] : Dilpreet_Khehra is new to city and he wants a job because he is a good driver he can drive heavy trucks because he have experience in Liberty City

What skills can you bring to the community of IOPL ? : Try to do transport fast under time given from company and do his work properly

In which time zone [ IST ] you’re mostly available ? :9:00 am to 12:00pm also from 7:00pm to 2:00 am

Screenshot of yourprofile :https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/827394853988990996/828903619574497280/IMG_20210406_131030.jpg