Name :Karthick M

Your Discord id [ With Tag ] :Karthick_M#7725

In-Game Name :Karthick_Keyan

What are your previous in-game names ? [ if you have any ] :Karthick_Roleplay

In-Game Level :12

Roleplay Score :0

Experience points :0

Which faction / Special jobs you was work in before ? :Trash Truck

Have you ever been arrested? [ If so, please state why ] :No

State your contributions towards San Andreas.[if any] [50 words minimum]:These city is nice and perfect place for me but I need job to continue my life here with joy so I planned to join SATD and earn money and do my life perfect

Why you want to join in this faction[SATD] ?[50 words minimum] :I want to join SATD because I love driving more in my life and I heard one thing that this job gives more money in city and I really want to drive big vehicles like trucks that’s why I choose this.

Biography [50 words minimum] :I’m well educated citizen. I searching a job which is suitable for my skill so I come to this city to become a big rich man

What skills can you bring to the community of SATD ? :I Will Give My Best Here

In which time zone [ IST ] you’re mostly available ? :7pm To 9pm

do u need to say anything else ?Nothing