In Samp Android - reupload by IORP… i cannot fill my hunger motive, because the food stall let me eat once, and never again…i tried /alexa unbug me, /alexa enable android mode, log out and relog in… but still no luck, same as it was… so i tried SAMP update - by akash… i can enter a food stall but there is no way to select a food, cannot select food by touch or letter function… and when i enter a rentable vehicle its either locked or automatic jailed for 3 minutes, i cant drive in this SAMP update - by akash… in that case, i use a pc just to play and there’s nothing wrong with the gameplay… all features works well on pc, is there any new update for android version?

I have replied to ur first query… In other thread… Post by u… Kindly check the same

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