Report on Akash_Kumar

Player name: Akash_Kumar

Rule’s broken: using Abusing words

Time and Date: 3 April, 2021. 18:13

Description: he jailed me for no reason today @Arvind_Kali knows that u can ask him and he started abusing me


@Arvind_Kali first of all when we open quick player option on the top there is written that these quick player options are for which player akash should check tht for when the quick player option are opened

Akash_Kumar unknowingly jailed Harshat_Mehta in the Quick Player Option because he is an Android player. It was Harshat_Mehta’s mistake that we came to the middle when we jailed Mohammad_Navith.Harshat_Mehta abused him in bad words.

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I didn’t u jailed me no reason I called u noob then u started abusing me please be honest

You start abusing me continuously so I abuse you I am human not robot . You Hurt me personally. So I react it okey