Report player

Name: Tripathi_Pankaj

The electronic shop is owned by Tripathi_Pankaj who have only 18score but he buys a electronic shop. But how a player buy shop who has only 18score . It nearly needs 50scores to buy any shop. And he how can have money for buying shops. Is the server is giving more convenient to the player Tripathi_Pankaj. And also providing convenient
to one citizen you can also give it to many citizens.
![alt text](image urlScreenshot_2021-03-31-14-17-09-65.jpg )

as the server administration, we monitored the server daily.

in response to this report, SAGD and server administration take joint decisions. In which, we decided to give the electronic shop to player, who can maintain it. As our new player’s having troubles to get these items regularly and most demanded. Your report is right, he did not earned but the ownership is given by SAGD.

if you have any doubts, you can complain in Justice Department to recieve clarification from SAGD.