Application for joining department of mechanics

In-Game Name: Anniyan_Gupta

In-Game Level : 12

Roleplay Score :10

Why you want to join? (30 words minimum):I wanna join because i don’t have any other job to do you know its very difficult to drive a trashmaster around and i wanna help other people whose vehicles go out of service i myself have once walked all the way from dillimore to canton as my vehicle went out of service.

Biography (30 words minimum):I am Anniyan_Gupta born on 11th sptember, aged 22, i am aspiring to become a police officer but do not meet the requirements for it so temporarily joining the department of mechanics.

Your discord profile?(with #): mr.weirdo#1188

Sorry for the inconvenience, delete either of my posts, i am not able to delete it it says i am not authorized to do so, Sorry again