Special Weapons And Tactics

Rank 1: Commander

Member: @nirnay-ag

Selecting, training, disciplining, and leading the team, looks After budget, equipment, and department policies. The SWAT Commander is responsible for developing and revising procedures regarding use of the team.

Rank 2: Vice-Commander

Member: vacant

Leading the team, to include involvement in budget, equipment, and department policies and to handle The Team When Commander is Not There or is Injured… The SWAT Vice - Commander is responsible for Looking everything of the team During the absence of Commander.

Rank 3: Captain

Member: vacant

The Captain Leads the whole Team by the orders Given By the Commander. He is the main Person to lead the team in the battle. All Lower Ranked Team members follow Captain’s Rules in The Battlefield.

Rank 4: 1st Lieutenant.

Member- None

1st Lieutenant is the Main In- Charge after Captain. He look after Guns, Equipment and everything That is needed For The Mission. He Chooses the Layout of the Mission.

Rank 5: 2nd Lieutenant

Member- vacant

2nd Lieutenant Is the Person to Choose which Member Will go for Sniping, Close Combat and all the Tactics that are Needed To success The Mission.

Rank 6: Spy

Member: vacant

Spy gets all the Information of the whole mission and informs the rest of the team. His Information is Not made Official and is kept Top Secret Until he is Promoted.

Rank 7: Staff Sergeant

Member: vacant

Staff Sergeant Keeps an Eye on Trainee and Private and Helps them with their Confusion and guides them in the battlefield, Stays with them and Helps him as well as Reports all of his duties to Captain.

Rank 8: Undercover Sergeant

Member: vacant

Undercover Sergeant Infiltrates the Enemy Territory without being Noticed and give all the Information to the Rest Team. His Information is also kept Top Secret as he is vulnerable in the Enemy Territory.

Rank 9: Private

Member: vacant

Private is a Member who has Just got promotion From Trainee as he Passed the Test very well. He Now goes on Less Dangerous Missions with his Team so that he will get Experience in The Combat.

Rank 10: Trainee

Member: vacant

Trainee is not the official member of Team. He just got Passed by Papers, he still need to give Test and pass in it to Get Promotion Of Private. He will be kept Eye by team to see his behavior.

Important Note: U must Have Driving Experience of All Cars. Also u must have Shooting Experience as it will be Taken at Test. Also u should follow all the roles Given Upside as Per Rank.

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