Suggestion For Upcoming Update

Name : Mohin_Jam
Suggestion :
(sorry for my bad English) There should be more drugs like Meth , Heroin, Crack And we can Make This Drugs And sell it to Different Drug Dealer Around the city. And There should be a material feature from materials we can make our own guns and For getting materials we need to do Material Run Like smuggling Materials Through Plane From Sea Or Through Boat. And there should Be some more house and some more Business that we can rob. And there should be some more sideJobs like Street Sweeper, Air Delivery Job , Plumber Job. And There should be Drinks That We can drink Like Beer , Wine , Vodka and many more drinks. And there should be one more player motive Mental Status we can make our mental status high by smoking cigar or weeds.

clearly you are new and don’t understand iorp. the server is based on economical structure and p2p initiative, hence suggestions like this does not fit in iorp. thank you