Rank 1: The Boss
Member: Sarah

The Boss is the Main Leader of the Gang,He/She has two personal Assistants Called Left Hand and Right Hand.We can say the Greatest and the Leader of all the members is Boss

Rank 2: Under-Boss
Member: Buggs

Under-Boss is the person in the Gang who is the Strongest after the Boss,Under-Boss Controls the Gang and takes Decision after the Boss,If The Boss is in jail or out of town… Under-Boss takes place of the Boss

Rank 3: Consigliere
Member: Vacant

The consigliere, or chief advisor, is the Boss’ right-hand man. He is almost always an Irish who was adopted by the boss. The Consigliere is not officially part of the hierarchy of the Mafia, but he plays one of the most important roles in a crime family. He is the close trusted friend and confidant of the family boss for strategic information and sound advice. The consigliere is meant to offer unbiased information based on what he sees as best for the family. He’s not supposed to factor emotional concerns, such as retaliation and blood feuds, into his decisions. Unlike the underboss, the consigliere is not required to be a direct relative of the boss. Instead, he is chosen solely for his abilities and the amount of knowledge he possesses. Generally, only the boss and underboss have more authority than the consigliere in an organized crime family.

Rank 4: Capopregimes
Member: Vacant

The cap, cappy, El Capitan, capo, caporeggie or caporegime, is the captain of a crew. He heads a large crew of soldiers and can order them to do anything, such as murder, assault, bombing, witness intimidation, bribery, picking up cash, making deliveries and other criminal and organized crime activities. The captains report directly to a boss or underboss or overboss, who hands down the instructions. He ranks much higher in the hierarchy of the highest Mafia. He is also in charge of handling most money.

Rank 5: The Spy
Member: Vacant

The Spy is the person who changes his getup and Goes to Other Mafias and Gangs to get their Information and Give it to Under-Boss

Rank 6: Right-Hand
Member: Vacant

Right-Hand is the personal Assistant and Body Guard of The Boss

Rank 7: Left Hand
Member: Vacant

Left-Hand is the personal Assistant and Body Guard of The Boss

Rank 8: Hitman
Member: Vacant

Hitman is a Soldier but a lot more Skillful than The Soldier, Hitmans are often ordered to Control a little Group of Soldier and Ambush or Assassinate a Person

Rank 9: Soldier
Member: Vacant

The lowest-ranking members of the hierarchy of the Mafia and La Cosa nostra are the soldiers, the grunts of the organization who do the majority of the work, making deliveries, picking up cash, committing murder, assault, battery, witness intimidation, killing jurors, bribing Law Enforcement, Politicians, Government Officials, and Federal Agents, and generally sticking out their neck in the hope of making a name for themselves by demonstrating their loyalty to the organization, and protecting the organization at all costs.

Rank 10: Associates
Member: Vacant

Associates are not a part of the Gang Mafia but they are building their way in by impressing The Boss by doing good Actions

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