Jimmy_Parker application for joining sapd


In-Game Name:Jimmy_Parker

Discord ID (with #):G.S GAMING#7313

Hometown:los angels

In Game Level: 30

Roleplay Score:225

You was in any faction? if yes, faction name and reason to leave that:I was in the department of mechanics.I left the job because
I cannot concentrate in my job because from childhood I want to be a officer and I served 5years as a seargent in los angels and I was working har for matching the req ment of sapd

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?:yes, I worked as seargent in los angels pd.

Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? (50 Word Minimum):I want to join sapd because it is a dream job for me and I also have a experience of 5yrs of pd and I want to make this city crime free.for some reason I have to move from my hometown to los santos for some reason and I want to see this city as officer again.i promise the city to guard it.

What skills you can bring to SAPD?:I an fabulous at bike riding and I was the head of the bike dept in LAPD and I never let any robber escape .And i am good at shooting.I won the gold medal in archery in my college and I have been practicing and improving my skill by visiting shooting range in the evening.

Biography (50 Word Minimum):I lived with my father and mother in los angels. And living a peaceful life and serving the city as officer.And got a call from someone that a person is trying to sell the cocaine near the college to the students I took my bike and started moving towards the location when I reached there they saw me from a distance and sat in there car and started shooting at me and I shot one guy and their car tyre and they stopped and pointed the gun a civilian and took a car and ran away
After some days I came to know that the boy was the brother of the main dealer.after a week I got a call from my home that they have killed my father mother and my wife and children.
I tried to find them but I could,not because my seniors orders were to close the case.i thought as officer if I could not find the killers so no need of the job .so left the city and moved here
To start a new life.

Screenshot weapon degree. 20210305_213520.jpg
Player stats. 20210305_213203.jpg


  • We can not accept you as screenshot of your weapon license is missing.


  • We can not accept you as screenshot of your weapon license is missing.