Priyanshu_Aggarwal's inactivity application
  • What’s your current in-game name?: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • What’s your rank?: Rank 8 Management

  • how much leave, do you required?: From March 1, 2021 to June 1, 202

  • describe your reason for taking leave?: As Govt. has decided to reopen schools and collage mine once also started and they going to held exams soon because of which i required this long term leave from my management post as i will be unable to handle most of the in-game stuff during this time period. i will be available sometimes such as if i have easiest practical exam or exam like English. to manage in-game activities. i will be there to manage my faction’s applications and reports as well because they wont consume my time that much. whenever am done with exams i will let Community Staff know about it and will forward my last exam date as well.

  • you have to come back and report to community staff, when your leave is finish, do you understand?: i understood

  • NOTE: My inactivity time could increase or decrease its depend on time, i will forward these info to Community Staff if there is any change in it.

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Requirements not met
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