Sanjai_Joyal S.W.A.T application

Name: Sanjai_Joyal

Date of Birth: 04/01/2000

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 21

Hometown: Downtown

In Game Level: 163

Have you ever been arrested? (If so, please state why): No

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?: Yes, in San Andreas Police Department.

Why would you like to join the Special Weapons And Tactics? (100 Word Minimum): I want to join Special Weapons And Tactics because I want to save our city, there are many criminals nowadays, I want to arrest them all, and i will the best SWAT officer ever, I will be a good SWAT officer who does not gets bribery or something, I will be true to my job, and I’m very good at chasing and shooting and hereafter I won’t let any rob or crime, so almost I will reduce every crime in our city, and my aim to save every good citizens from criminals, so i should join SWAT.

Do u Have a Erect Aim? (If Yes, Ur Aim-Test will be taken By Commander Himself):No

Can U drive any Vehicle Give to U ?(If Yes, Ur driving test will be taken): Yes

Why should we take U In SWAT over other People? : You should take me in SWAT over other people’s because I have a great knowledge in rp, and i will be a very good SWAT officer, and I will make our city crime free and keep our city in peace so u should take me in SWAT over other people.

Biography (100 Word Minimum): From my childhood itself my ambition is to be a SWAT officer, when I was a kid I saw a thief robbed a bank and he ran away but no police caught him and still now there are many robbers and criminals, and in my childhood I saw a criminal plating drugs, even a cop saw it but the cop didn’t arrest him or he didn’t done anything to that criminal, and he got bribery from that criminal. My aim is to be a good SWAT officer who doesn’t gets bribery, and I will be a good SWAT officer, I will arrest them all.


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