Samy_Kumar SAPD application

Name:Samy Kumar

In-Game Name:Samy_Kumar

Discord ID (with #):santhosh#2591

Hometown: Downtown

In Game Level: 18

Roleplay Score:67

You was in any faction? if yes, faction name and reason to leave that:No

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?:Yes IAM cop in IURP

Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? (50 Word Minimum):I want to join SAPD because nowadays there are many theifs, robbers and criminals. Many police are not arresting them, they are getting bribery from them and taking no charge on them but I won’t be like that I will take action on every criminals in our city and save the innocent peoples from them, I’m very very good at chasing so hereafter I wont let any robbery happen.

What skills you can bring to SAPD?:I can bring back the peace to our city

Biography (50 Word Minimum):Now my parents are suffering without food😢, I grown with more difficulties, I’m a 25 age boy and I’m jobless, from my childhood itself my aim is to be a cop, as I completed my graduation I’m capable for being a cop, I will make our city happy
Screenshot of Weapon license, Player Stats: I applied for it but not accepted yet, and I’m very very good at shooting![alt text]