Sanjai_Joyal SAMD application

Your In-Game Name:Sanjai_Joyal



In Game Level:149

Your RP Score:10193

Why should we select you in SAMD?(50 words minimum):you need to select me for SAMD because I have a great interest in medicines, and I will be very true to my job, If anyone needs emergency, I will be there within 2 mins, and I came to know that many doctors are using the medicine as business, there are many ways to earn money medicine is not the way for that, it’s a service, I will do server to each and everyone in our city, and sometimes for free also.

Your previous faction(if any)? why you leaved that?:Yes I’m in SAPD, and I resigned that because I have more interest in medicines.

Do you have any history in working with Medical staff?:No


  • meet Priyanshu_Aggarwal in-game to claim your status