Friendship roleplay by Harry Potter [Indian Ocean Roleplay]

Today Harry Potter, did a friendship Role Play in our server, read it and learn to roleplay. Thanks

*[HP]HarryPotter driving to nearest patrol pump because he is running out of fuel
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: I better have to drive slow for long average
*[HP]HarryPotter says: wtf
*[HP]HarryPotter forget his wallet at home
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: I better call someone for help
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: but who
*[HP]HarryPotter remebered that MJ04 helped him last time,
*[HP]HarryPotter thought: lets call mj04 for help
*[HP]HarryPotter take out his phone, open contact details, find mj04 contact, and hit call button
*MJ04: hello Harry, how are you? ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: I am not good man, I need you help ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: why, what happened ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: I forget my waller so I am out of money ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: so where are you? ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: I am at patrol pump ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: Don’t worry I know the owner of patrol pump, just pass the call to him ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Harry: sure ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Owner of Patrol Pump: Hello ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: Harry is my friend and he forget his wallet, so refuel his car and take money from my account ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Owner of Patrol Pump: no problem MJ04, he will return it later ([HP]HarryPotter)
*MJ04: ok thanks man ([HP]HarryPotter)
*Owner of Patrol Pump: any time bro, bye ([HP]HarryPotter)
*[HP]HarryPotter took his phone and put in his pocket
*owner of patrol pump ordered his worker to refuel Harry’s car and don’t ask for money ([HP]HarryPotter)
*[HP]HarryPotter thanks to the owner and take his car to back to home

So because Role play is allowed, any player can Rp. So technically he can rp with his name as is.

@Sarah To help others understand who may not already: IORP is a FR/RP Server. This means freeroam/roleplay. With knowledge of proper grammar, one could infer that / means and. So lets say Freeroam and Role play.

This means that a player on the server can create Freeroam and Roleplay usernames, for their account. (Ex.)Freeroam username: TS04
(Ex.)Role play username: Taylor_Swift
Either one is fine here because this is a FR/RP community.

By the way, take it easy on our Chief Executive Officer, he works hard :).

I hope this answers your question @Sarah

Also what if it his nickname Sarah ? Harry might be calling Him MJ04 so he can RP with him

As we have discussed earlier server is still under development so let the name be like this for now. He is the CEO here and knows everything well.

MJ04 is a non RP name… how can u RP with it? @MJ04