Case against Heath_Leadger

Lawyer Details

  • Name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal
  • Department: San Andreas Government Department
  • Designation: Vice President

Victim Details

  • Name: Harry_James
  • Department: San Andreas Armed Force
  • Designation: General
  • Date of incident: 13-02-2021

Case Details

  • Subject: Harry_James’s backpack is stolen

  • Preparator Name: Heath_Ledger

  • Description of incident: last night James was with Mr. Ledger while having is backpack but while having conversations with president he doesn’t felt he had lost his backpack, but next day when he was looking for his items which was in his backpack reminded him that he doesn’t have backpack with him. he doubted Heath_Ledger if anyhow he had stolen his backpack during their conversation about the city.

  • Witness List: Nivas_Kumar

  • Evidence: No evidences as James just doubted if Mr. Ledger had stolen his backpack

  • Proposed Punishment: None

Name: Harry_James

Department (Faction Name): SAAF

Designation (Faction Rank): General

Statement Type: Victim

Time & Date of Statement: 14 Fab, 2021

Statement: Next day, I have seen Heath_Leadger with multiple bags, It kinda look likes mine. so I went to ask, he said that that’s his. He seems suspicious so, I complaint about him to sapd to investigate but cops don’t took any action against him yet.