Investigation against Sanjai_Joyal, Rishi_Kanth, Arvind_Kali, Piriyan_Suriya

Filed by: Harry_James [Rank: Management]
Against: Sanjai_Joyal, Rishi_Kanth, Arvind_Kali, Piriyan_Suriya
Subject: using server bug to earn money and did not reported about bug to staff.

Investigation Report
IORP is economical server, as the part of p2p initiative, staff was conducting net earn of players. It get’s our attention, when we look into net worth amount of above mentioned. They somehow, earning than normal players. After investigations of hours, we find server bug from there they were earning money.

Net worth according to staff analysis

Sanjai_Joyal: -9180839
Rishi_Kanth: -1633963496
Arvind_Kali: -6886270
Piriyan_Suriya: 2112418

Report Status: Confirmed
Action Taken: players account has been deactivated to protect IORP economy.

management note: Arvind_Kali removed from helper role and never ever allowed to join back because of doing insider job then helping server.

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