Name : Harshad_Mehta

Your Discord id : @WHITE DEVIL#6666

In-Game Name : Harshad_Mehta

What are your previous in-game names ? have any ] :Mota_Kumar

In-Game Level : 56

Roleplay Score : 902

Experience points : 300

Which fraction / Special jobs you was work in before ? : I was working in GSF

Have you ever been arrested? [ If so, please state why ] : yes for over speeding

State your contributions towards San Andreas. [ if any ] [ 50 words minimum ] : no

Why you want to join in this fraction ? [ 50 words minimum ] : I wana make fuel available everywhere in every cities because whenever I see the fuel stations 90% of fuel stations are empty I wana make sure the fuel is available in every fuel stations and I am gona work to hard in this faction and I will sell lots of fuel and I will make every cities fuel stations full of fuel

Biography [ 50 words minimum ] : I am 48 year old man and I am also a good citizen of los Santos and a humble guy and i was working in GSF and I like luxury and sports cars and my hobbies are driving,swimming and skydiving and i have total 6 cars and one house in VINEWOOD hills and I love LOS SANTOS that’s why I am staying in it

What skills can you bring to the community of IOPL ? : I will available fuel in every fuel station ⛽

In which time zone [ IST ] you’re mostly available ? : 10am to 5pm


  • Meet Nivas_Kumar In - Game to claim your status .


  • Meet Nivas_Kumar In - Game to claim your status .