bitcoin aka BTC. is fictional currency used in iorp samp server to provide premium gameplay to players. Players can use there bitcoin to get special access in samp server that can enhance there gameplay by boosting things that take times. below is the list of features available and how to load bitcoins into your account.

Available Benefits

use /bitcoin to open this menu anywhere you like.
bitcoin benifits

How to load bitcoins?

Step 1: go to

you will screen like this.
dashboard btc

Step 2: click on purchase bitcoins.

the screen will expand and looks like this.
btc expanded

Step 3: enter how much bitcoins you want to load and click make payment.

when you get back to dashboard after completing payment, your balance will be updated.

Terms and Conditions

  • this is not actual bitcoins, the bitcoins in iorp samp server is fictional curreny that is used to give premium access to players of iorp samp server only.
  • bitcoins can be used in iorp samp server using /bitcoin command.
  • by clicking on make payment, you allow us to use real cash and load fictional bitcoin into your samp account.
  • IORP does not promote/use/provide digital currency in real world.

Thank you


Team IORP with ♥

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