Rishi_Kanth Presidential application

Name: Rishi_Kanth

Date of Birth: 10-1-2000

Sex/Gender: Male



Game Level: 181

Rp Score:4800

Have you ever been arrested? [If so, please state why]:yes when I don’t know rp

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?[if yes please state]: no

State your contributions towards San Andreas. [if any] (100 words minimum):I have done a lot for contributions such as I have say new players to how to play rp and I have give lot of money to poor people and I have gave free service to every people and I show people how to get jobs and I give people my car keys and I helped a lot for our peoples

What post would you like to work in the Presidential Department:Secretary Of State

Why would you like to join the Presidential department at this post? (150 Word Minimum):I love to keep our city clean and safety and i will save our city from terrorism and I want to help people how was lost they family and jobs and I will let our peoples in right way and I will help all management. I will give our city happy and love And I will be very strict to illegal activities .

Biography (150 Word Minimum): in my childhood there are many criminal activity in our city our city was full of criminal so in my childhood onwards I decided to be Secretary of state . I will do my best and save our city from criminal activity and I will give our city happiness and I promise to de a good person and make our city good.

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  • SAGD do not want you because of your criminal history