Report for Mohamed_Shafiq and Rishi_Kanth

Hii my name is Adit_Singh and i was came to my home at groove then Rishi_Kanth and Mohamed_Shafiq killed me for no reason and saying u are motherfucker and saying i am from gsf and i fucked ur mother so please ban them permanent or i will leave the server because they are not letting me play when i come they fire on me and make me 1 hp

Reason: Not letting me play


alt text

alt text

Note: At that time Arvind_Kali was there and laughing

alt text

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u hit me with dessert eagle and so I kill u



  1. repot format is invalid
  2. report contain invalid format of evidence

Let admins check u killed me for no reason and said me motherfucker so dont say

Did I say you motherfucker say true liyer