name: Sadha_Sivam

suggestion: free fuel for ambulance and hospital helicopter

reason: when it despawn again fuel level go to 10%
i can’t able to manage it
i am using lots of money in fuelling every time when it despawn
i thought to buy an ambulance but that was blacklisted

         so please give free fuel for ambulance and helicopter

@priyanshu okok thanks for your support

@Sadha_Sivam said in suggestions:

when it is resetted the fuel level goes to 10%

Every midnight at 12 - 1AM

when it is resetted the fuel level goes to 10%

vehicles are reset at every midnight.

@IORP ok hope here after fuel level will not get low when it despawn

@IORP no bro they are rsetting the vehicles to their place

i don’t want free fuel
please when it respawn it should not again go to 10%

vehicles does not respawn automatically. in case of vehicles death, default fuel resets.

when i used to fuel it form 10%
when it despawn it again goes to 10%

we have last tested fuel for SAMD on 28 January 2021, fuel for ambulance is paid by government. Contact in game management to assist with clarification.

am using my money to put fuel

? when they are paying to put fuel?


Reason: government pays for medics vehicle fuel. Also the helicopters and ambulance reach the nearest fuel station in less then 5% fuel.

Thank you