Bugs Found & Suggestion to implement for COPS

In-game name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • Bugs Found: i just discovered right now that when cops use to Cuff a player we do not receive UnCuff option, and unable to identify if player cuffed or not. due to this. not receiving Follow Me and Put in car option. and only Because of this cops have to directly jail players without taking them to jail.

  • Suggestion: As i found that lots of player to not listen to our /pu i want it to be updated as if we use this cmd, in-range players get frezed for about 10sec as they never listen to this, AND ability to Cops to forcefully Enable /rpmode for a player as some players never listen to cops for /rpmode, then cops get irritated and shoot them. then they are like cops did DeathMatch so to resolve this i would like to let this things implemented, also if we report that player who doesn’t listen its just like few days punishment and all will become same as it was. so Report can effect player but not that much which make them to stop doing these things. And as weapons removed from faction locker i would like to add Tazer in faction locker too so that cops will have a weapon for catching criminal upon sign-in

  • NOTE: if this suggestion cant be implemented, then pls find a different solution.

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Community would like to discuss some of our own concerns behalf of Indian Ocean Roleplay gameplay theme.

  1. Roleplay works both side, you can not alone do the roleplay and expect other to get into your scene unwantedly. That’s against the roleplay rules.
  2. /pu used to send broadcast of pull over. A player who is in range, can decide that he wants to stop or not. Freezing them is not a fair play. you can use lethal forces we provide to law such as brackets etc. to stop such players who don’t use them.

Resolutions provided.

  1. Tazer will be available in locker for law factions.
  2. On screen message will be shown on screen whenever pull over broadcast.
  3. will test cuff system and fix if it has problems.

Thank you.

@Deepak_Poojary said in Bugs Found & Suggestion to implement for COPS:

10 sec will be problem… While doing robbery… Police will use this trick to freeze the robbery…

No, as i said in it if player in-range we can do this, however maybe it is possible to disable it on a player who is in robbery.

10 sec will be problem… While doing robbery… Police will use this trick to freeze the robbery…