Application for joining sadm

In-Game Name:Jimmy_Parker

In-Game Level : 14

Roleplay Score : 73

Why you want to join? (30 words minimum):
I want to join sadmitalicised text because I see many times no mechanics are available.wahenever I want to repair my I have to go to mechanical shop.
Sometimes if my car just went off on the road a mechanic is hardly available only sometimes I want serve as a mechanic in the city so that people take help from us in the accident or mechanical failure
Biography (30 words minimum):I lived in Dubai
I was a college student and I worked on a part time job as a mechanic for 3 yrs. After complete my automobile engineering I moved to los santos. Now i want to serve as a mechanic in los santos and start my new life journey.

Your discord profile?:G.SGaming#7313


  • Meet any of management to claim ur status