Indian Oil Pvt. Ltd. [IOPL] is usually fuel provider for all of the fuel stations, this is the main factor to circulate fuel in the city, here we discuss about how it works:

Indian Oil Pvt. Ltd. HQ


Faction sign-in

  • Here at this icon you can sign-in to start your work as an IOPL worker
  • Once you are signed in, you have to fetch fuel from machines and sell them to fuel station owners or their Truckers

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How to work as IOPL employee

Here you can learn how to work as IOPL employee, how to provide fuel to Trucker and How to fetch fuel once it runs out from the Tanks.

  • There are four tanks numbered as 0,1,2,3
  • All the fuel fetched from machines goes in them and from them you have to transfer it into tankers of Trucks

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* STEP-I: In this Red checkpoint, truckers have to place their truck’s head in it while those truckers are singed-in

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* STEP-II: Then climb up on the tank while signed-in and press Enter button while trucker is in checkpoint to provide him the amount of fuel he require

  • Truckers have capacity of storing 5k fuel in a trailer.
  • Same with IOPL tankers, each have capacity of 10k fuel.

NOTE: You can sell fuel in range of $1-10/gallon only. (can increase, based on demand of fuel)

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How to refill tankers when they ran out of fuel after fuel transfers to truckers

* STEP-I: When these tankers ran out of fuel and you need to refill them, go to these machines located outside of IOPL HQ.

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* STEP-II: Go nearer to them here, and press ENTER while you are signed-in as IOPL Employee.

  • Fuel fetch as 1gallon/sec.

  • The more the worker on the machines of same tanker ID the faster it fill.
    For-Example: Two workers work on diff machine but same Tanker id then it will fill as 2gallon/sec and so on…

  • One worker can work on one machine.

  • There are total 17machines present to work while tankers required fuel.

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Facilities for truckers at IOPL HQ

  • Here IOPL HQ contain a trailer and truck for truckers in-case if they require it

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