Corleone Family: Timeline

September 14, 2018

Today, the Corleone family travels around the city of Los Santos and sees the result of the conflict between the front yard ballas and grove street families. The conflict has taken a serious level of destruction, so the Presidential Department sent the San Andreas Armed Forces to take a control on it.

Corleone assumes that the struggle is critically important because they are involved in that struggle in someway.

Today the cop akash used guns on me while chasing even I was not having a gun so I took revenge and planned a robbery when they reached there I killed arvind kali and harshad killed akash and then I signed in again and they came to our place with sign in announcement and tried to kill us in our place but harshad killed both of them and we asked akash to handsup but he used unbug me and escaped from there I pray these kids learn to soon and then we attacked on them at grove street and they jail harshad mehta but I escaped then they were chasing me but I we two made pd realise tht they cannot mess with cf .
Colonel family- Jimesh_Mehta

April 12,2021

Today 2 cops @Arvind_Kali and @Akash_Kumar was chasing @Jimesh_Mehta I kidnapped Arvind_Kali but he started doing non rp things when I point a gun on him he did unbug me again and again and I got Jailed and Akash_Kumar started putting a lot of crimes on me for only 1 thing.

Corleone Family,s Hitman

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Today I got a promotion and I am very happy I did some drug dealing and went sky diving with harshad Mehta. It was a lovely day
Colonel family - Jimesh_Mehta

April 11,2021

Did some drug dealing and tried to kidnap Risard_Ahmed but he run away and I killed @Arun_Kesavan he was pointing gun on some one I killed him and save that guy

Corleone Family,s Hitman

April 10,2021

Today I was just roaming in the city and I did some drug dealing and I hope I will capture the zone tomorrow. Today’s day was good 😊

Today I captured dillmore area alone as no cf member was active and helped a new person and roamed in the city

Today I came late in the city and roamed around and helped a person and I bought some new guns .
Colonel family- Jimesh_Mehta

Today I and harshad bought a new bike and roamed in the city and we made plan for a hiest but ig failed that,s why we were some little disappointed.
Colonel family- Jimesh_Mehta
Rank- Associates

April 8,2021

Today I captured the zone and i roamed in the city today and I robbed a medical shop today’s day was amazing I hope every day goes like this ☺

Corleone Family: Harshad_Mehta
Rank: Hitman

Today I roamed in the city and did some drudgery dealing and today no gang fights etc it was a peaceful day.
Colonel family

April 7,2021

Today I buyed a new bike and did some drug dealing today’s day was good but still no Corleone Family active in the city except me and @Jimesh_Mehta.

Corleone Family: Harshad_Mehta
Rank: Hitman

April 6,2021

Today I got promotion and I am so happy 😁 and I did some drug dealing today. Today’s day was amazing…

Corleone Family: Harshad_Mehta
Rank: Hitman

April 4, 2021

Today my plan was to capture the zone but my mood was so sad because I am missing Health_Ledger. Me and Jimesh_Mehta was just roaming the city then I buyed a new car so we​did a party. I hope we will capture the zone tomorrow

Corleone Family: Harshad_Mehta

Rank: Soldier

Date: 4-4-2021
Today I was roaming around in the city with harshad mehta and today we had no conversation or fight with other geng
And today was a peaceful day no fight nothing

Date: 3-4-2021
Today I was roaming nearby cf and suddenly
harshad mehta called me asked me to come fast at cf because arun has entered our area so I went there and when I reached arun ran away then we made a plan and killed arun in gsf and the cop akash was,not able to catch us
Rank: Associates

April 3,2021

Today @Arun_Kesavan came to the CF area I warned him but he laughed and then me and @Jimesh_Mehta killed him at GSF and the cop @Akash_Kumar tried to catch us but he didn’t catch us.

Corleone Family: Harshad_Mehta
Rank: Soldier

April 2, 2021

Today’s day was so boring the meeting has cancelled I was so sad the whole city was sad and today also no CF members was active in the city @Jimesh_Mehta @chintu_mehta @Peter_Parker please stay active to grow CF

Corleone Family: Harshad_Mehta
Rank: solider

April 1, 2021

Today I captured the zone and @Arun_Kesavan tried to still the zone but I killed him and saved the zone and I am so happy for the zone today’s day was amazing

Corleone family: Harshad_Mehta

Rank: Soldier

Mar 31, 2021

Today’s day was so boring no Corleone Family in the city only I am. I was just roaming in the city and I got promotion on Mar 30, 2021 I am so happy for that. I hope Corleone Family get active soon

Corleone Family: Harshad_Mehta

Rank: Soldier