Radio group chat system (for easy chat with friends)

Hi team.
I got one new awesome idea for group chat in game. If possible let me know

Note:- Below is just my imagination

We can use this as radio chat system

To create radio chat
/alexa create radio 0-100
And to join that particular chat
/alexa join radio 0-100 (radio number which is created above)

This above can used to talk with frnds easily… For emergency or any mafias can doo their plans without chating in gc
And aslo will be helpfull to keep on type /PM id and message

(We can adopt /alexa call 911 system in this)

I don’t know deep in this dev works… Sooo just i got an idea… And this is just my imagination
Which will be good if we implement.
Let me know ur comments.

@IORP grt… Will be waiting for these… 👍🏻

yeah that’s why this suggestion is selected. so that people could use it for personal chat. and also discord base voice chat will not move your voice channels while you move ig.

@IORP but its limit is upto faction only…

we can update discord base voice chat. it will also bring all the same radio users into same voice channel.

factions already have group chat. and all law agencies has radio.

@Akash_Dvarman yes… That i was going to tell… But this should be for both text and voice…

Not bad system becuz we wanted this too I mean radio system for person who want to group talk
And we have to buy that radio separate at electronic shop
People of mafia and police could use this radio like their same at gta v roleplay

okay, will do it. purchase this from electronic shop and use it.

Yep…exactly… It will easy our typing work… 🤣

could use frequency range from 0 to 99

it could also work like, select frequency and chat. same frequency players will read each others chat.