There is a problem in giving keys to the players . When a person gives keys it shows , u have given the keys of this to the player and for that player also it shows that . But when the player gets on the vehicle it shows , u don’t have the keys of this particular vehicle . Due to this the players can’t share their vehicle’s key with other players . It too causes problems while giving keys for repairing to the mechanical department . So i request you to fix that problem . It could be easy for the players to do so .

show this issue to management in game.

Its not only in the fraction . It too is among the normal also . Can i sumbit a video for it ?

This problem occur when the person is signed in any faction
Anyone who is sign in the faction can’t give his keys becuz the source code identify the person as another
I have tested this it’s a bug I was going to tell this but I got the solution
Tell the person to sign off his faction in order to take keys then you could easily access his /her car

@IORP should fix this bug as soon as possible