Investigation against Amit_Lokhande for using fake accounts.

Filed by: Harry_James [Rank: Management]
Against: Amit_Lokhande
Subject: using fake accounts to earn money.

Investigation Report
Alexa detected Amit_Lokhande using multiple accounts. Account identified by Alexa are Tharru_Maaru, Adit_Kumar, Donald_Trump. all mentioned account transferred there new player cash into account belong to Amit_Lokhande.
Amit_Lokhande suppose to be in debut of -$74204 but he has $873,700 in his bank account.

Report Status: Confirmed
Action Taken: bank account seized and disabled fake accounts.

management note: if this type of activities found again then Amit_Lokhande’s account will be deactivated.

Amit_Lokhande earned money using above mentioned method. secondary bank account is also blocked.


  1. Sohan_Kumar deposited $43661 into his account.
  2. Suraj_Bhai deposited $49000 into his account.
  3. Karan_Shinde deposited $48920 into his account.

all mentioned account marked as fake account.

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