Hi, this tutorial is about, how to use discord base voice chat system. follow this steps to connect yourself to local voice chat.


if you are discord user, you might already know how good it is. We have implemented discord base local voice chat system which connect you to nearby players. Once you are connected to nearby players you can voice chat with them.

How it works?

gta san andreas has divided into zones, all the zones has a name. All the players, who are in the same zone will be connected to each other by alexa. this system only work for zones and players who are outside interiors.

How to verify discord account with iorp.in?

Step 1: type command !verify in any channel of IORP discord. you will see a screen like this.
alt text

Step 2: now go into IORP samp server and type command as mentioned in above message that you will receive. below is the example image for how to do it.
alt text

Step 3: once you have done step 2, we just now execute final command !verify <username> where username is your iorp.in registered account name. execute this and you will verified your discord account with iorp.in. take a look at example and see how I did it.
alt text

that’s it, now we are verified our account so that we can use discord base local voice chat for in game.

How to connect voice chat?

once you are verified, you will see a voice chat channel like below.
alt text

just connect this channel and Alexa will take care of rest.

that is all, if you still have more quires. let us know in general chat section of forum.iorp.in so that we can clear your doubts.

Upcoming upgrades

  1. house support
  2. common interiors like weapon shops, bars.
  3. support to voice call of /phone
  4. support to police radio


Team IORP with ♥

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