Grove Street Families: Timeline

September 14, 2018

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Today I did crime, I plant a drug in front of PD so I was arrested by @Akash_Kumar and after I’m released from jail later I rob store but that time also @Akash_Kumar caught me and put me in jail again.😡😡

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Today is a nice day for me because there is no any problem or any issue for me and I’m also not create a any problem and I enjoy a party with friends today.☺☺

Today I didn’t do anything interesting but it was nice day for me and I’m freely roam around the city and I’m now planning about tomorrow day😁😁

Today is nice day and I do trash job for some money and I plant drug and I’m jailed by @Akash_Kumar for robbery but it’s not a bad day its nice day…

Today is not a bad day but I’m trying to capture dilmora zone but it’s already captured by caroline family and I was shot by @Harshad_Mehta and later I’m plant 100 grams of drug🤔🤔

Feb 2 2021

Today is funnest day because I irritated police officers 😂 but they sized my weapon license 😔
And I captured dillimore zone and collected revenu every 2 hours and I robbed medical shop and police did caught me finally i planted drugs but @Sanjai_Joyal arrested me for planting drugs.

1 February 2021

Todayi done a lots things for our gfs such us i captured dillimore zone and collected revenu every 2 hours and I robbed a medical shop and police did not find me and today I planted drugs. And do many illegal activities .

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Today I made an accident my friend karthi get killed by that car accident so I arranged him a funeral .so to day is my bad day.but I am a mafiya i kill many people every day but he is my friend so I go to his funeral.
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29 jan , 2021

Today its superb day for me today I got so many fun today I brought a house and I gave party to all my friends and I captured zone and collected revenu and I planted drug but no police find my drug area so today I enjoyed.alt text

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28 Jan, 2021

Today is my bad day today Sanjay_Joyal the police officer is disturbed me a lot when I was planting drugs he came and put me fine and take my all drugs so I planned to kidnappe him but he escaped and tomorrow I will kidnappe him and push im in center of sea . And today I only captured dillimore zone and collected revenu for our members .

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Jan 27 , 2021

Today I have kidnapped two police and I have say them to dance And they dance in fort of me lol and I robbed priyanshu in pd so he jailed me for gunpoint at pd and I robbed medical shop and escaped. I captured dillimore zone and I collected revenu.

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