San Andreas Police Department: Timeline

San Andreas Police Department

September 14, 2018

3 citizens from Los Santos were arrested selling illegal drugs to immigrants, on confrontation they accepted being in this illegal business for past 1 year.

SAPD came to knowledge of such happening when sergeant O’connor caught 3 tourists driving oddly and were on drugs as it came out when they were tested.

Captain says SAPD will not tolerate such behavior and guilty will be tried

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24 FEB 2021

Today is an good day.
Fined @Harshad_Mehta for hitting akash without reason and said not to beat people’s without any reason.
And no more crime happened at the time of am playing.
And to arrest an criminal I want to search a lot
So I request to show the criminal location…
During robbery I can locate him
But in others times I want to roam a lot to arrest him.

FEB 22 2020

Today is an good day and happy day.
Fined one person @Samy_Kumar for harsh driving.
and no other thing happened when I was playing
and had a good day also in city.

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FEB 21 2021

AN Awesome day
I jailed 3 persons and
fined 4 persons
Then an strike happened :))
and two doctors where fighting each other
and bought an new house for me
I played for whole day
but when I go to get my salary I lost my connection :)))
and also learned.

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Feb 22 2021

Today are very busy day first I am fine many citizen or jail

  1. @Mohamed_Navith fine for 1 crime
  2. @Botkiller_Monster fine for 6 crime and jail for 1 crime
  3. @Karthikeya_Prabu fine for 1 crime
  4. @Harshad_Mehta fine for 1 crime
  5. @Samy_Kumar fine with 1 crime
  6. @Akash_Kumar jail carry without licensed gun

And @Samy_Kumar complaint me @Sanjai_Joyal and @Akash_Kumar fire his car any reason I am check gun license for her @Sanjai_Joyal show me license but Akash_Kumar not show me license and I am check her gun license but he is no apply gun licensed so I am jail with him and @Sanjai_Joyal me last warning him again any complaints with you I am sized your gun license
So Today I have hard work in city and I am happy I am resolve all cases

Feb 20 2021

Today I am help one new persion for drop driving school and not crime today

20 FEB 2021

Today no crime happend
and i was keeps on roamin and roaming
no player was also there
i am enjoying this job.

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Feb 19 2021

Today I a fine @Harshad_Mehta for one crime and no more crimes in city

Feb 18 2021

Today is my first day
I have fined one member
And until I play everything is normal
An new player came but he don’t know about police and other .
When we said to stop he was driving
We stopped in one place and asked to show license
He said I don’t have and started to run away…
As a new player he don’t know more
I wish until 10 in game score I will give some freeness but not permanently
And I can’t cuff players

This is the thing happened on 18 Feb not today

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Feb 18 2021

Today I am fine @Aseel_Ahamed and no more crime in city I am around the city today …

Feb 17 2021

Today i caught six people

1.@Rahul_Sparkler for jail 1 crime
2.@Mohamed_Shafiq for jail 2 crime
3.@Akash_Kumar for jail 4 crime
4.@Jimmy_Parker fine for 2 crime
5.@Tripathi_Pankaj fine for 2 crime
6.@Piriyan_Suriya fine for 2 crime

Today I am very busy for around all city and catch for criminals and fine or jailed both …

Feb 15 2021

Today I fined @Sanjai_Joyal and @Arvind_Kali fined and put @Steve_Smith in jail because he killed Arvind Kali and today I have great day

Feb 13 2021

Today I was walking in the city and going to the repair shop, I saw that two citizens were walking on the motorcycle. I stopped them and asked them to show their license, one of them showed his license and one started beating me. I told him that Do not kill, but he did not listen to me I lodged his complaint but he ran away.and today I am very happy I got promotion Thanks to Chief @Priyanshu_Aggarwal for promote me I love my city and I am care my city always


Feb 12 2021

Today I am catch @Mohamed_Shafiq and fine 2 crime for her and also @Rahul_Sparkler for 1 crime fine. Today my job is done

Feb 11 2021

Today I am patrolling in city and I am catch a @Saravz_Veeky he without license drive a car I am fine him and drop a driving school and I am tell him buy a license and drive safely and today no robbery in city and no more crime

Feb 10 2021

Today again i am petrolling to all city and no crime today I am very happy no crime in city

Today I arrested @Rahul_Sparkler for robbing @Karthikeya_Prabu, and helped a player to get a job, and helped him by giving some money, and I’m very happy because nowadays there are no crimes in our city😊,
Today no robbery happened, no crimes were held, so I’m very very happy😊.

Feb 9 2021

Today I am pertroling in city and I am very happy no crime in city or I am very happy got promotion

Today a doctor killed a mafia, so I arrested him, today I arrested @Steve_Smith for driving without lisence, I already caught him for many times for lisence, and warned him many times, but still he is driving his vehicle without lisence, and today I’m very happy because today I got promotion😊 and today also there were no criminals😊, the city was more peaceful today😊.

Today I arrested a mafia for 4 crimes, and today the crime rates were decreased, and today I caught a citizen for driving without lisence and arrested him, today I’m very happy😊 because today no robbery and crime were happend, the city was so peaceful.😊