Betterment of server
  1. Need rentable vehicle nearby every hospital…(if not all vehicles but 2/3 must)
  2. Bobcat truck is not present at lamber jack job place. Place the same

Suggestion Considered and Implemented.

  1. Added mining vehicles for mining job along with instructions that how to mine
  2. Added Bobcat at lumberjack
  3. Added rentable cars near hospital

Want to add one more point

3)after accepting death i can see wasted written in screen which is not disappearing and we need to exit and re-log in
And also when we re spon after accepting death… Statement is telling that ur about to die

And thanks Akash 😍

1st one there is one car at hospital which can be rentable near ls
2nd one yes there is no car on lumberjack I am also confused Priyanshu told me to buy I buyed that and it’s doesn’t even work !

Your neat rp player