Cops and Robber aka Heist System [You thief, I police] (Tu Chor, Main Police)


you needed it, we make it for you. you wanna cop or police because things are going to be little excited now. Because now you can get some actions and money. so just like the title suggest, cops and robbers so some of you might get the idea that someone will be the robber and others are cops, who chase you and arrest you.


any person, who does not belong to any law faction can become robber and he/she can rob any safe or shop register.


all the law enforcement factions such as SAGD, SAPD, SAAF, SWAT are the cops in heist, who can participate in the heist.

How to start?

first any robber will go to any shop and rob the register by pressing a button (you will see which one at the place of robbery). This will be the begin point of heist, where robber rob a store. Then cops are getting alerts and they will respond to the robbery. They will have the location of robber in their GPS for given time (not fixed but will be displayed on screen).

second, its win win game. if cops successfully arrested the robber then all the cops who are present at the place of arrest, will get the reward money, which will be the cut of robbery amount. if things gone bad and robber win, then he will get away with the money and few rules are applied as per below rules list, remember rules list. okay, let’s learn the rules then.


  1. one heist can be placed in server at once. multiple heist are not allowed.

  2. robber can not enter any interior such as house etc. if he do, he lost the heist.

  3. if cops arrest the robber after robbery, then they can not ask for robbery money and robber will keep it.

  4. cops can not fine for robbery wanted levels. Cops have to jail players, who has heist records.

  5. Cops can not shoot robber until robber is armed.

well that’s it, let’s just enjoy 🙂

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One changes to be made…

Robber name should not be visible for everyone… Including PD also… (just notification to be sent to PD not for all)
PD will be knowing those robbers only after arresting them

Bcz displaying name of robber might get defame in future or police may try to arrest him by keeping this incident in mind.
And also character may get hates
(these are my thoughts)