Player reported: Adit_Singh & Hero_Beast
  • Reporter Player name: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • Reported Player name: Adit_Singh & Hero_Beast

  • Rule’s broken: RP Scene rule, Death Matching

  • Time and Date: from 11:50 to 12:01 on 28-12-2020

  • Description: They have violated the all rp scenes, used to shoot anyone anytime, saying they were in /rpmode when asked why they did this which is a wrong info they spreading by doing this, Killed all the SAPD On-Duty units without letting them know and not a single rp msg anyone had received. also use to loot peoples by saying they are mafia and in their local gang, caught saying hands-up to cops then saying they don’t follow rp rules if they won’t; use to kill in jail and holding weapons, shoot cops when they visit them in jail.

  • Actions taken by in-game admin: Freezed, Jailed, Kicked Hero_Beast for repeating crime

  • Action you want?: Management already took action but they continues to do this, required Community_Staff to view and take actions.

  • Evidences: 1st = When killed on-duty officer, 2nd = admin actions, ss of previous things can’t be fetched.
    When killed on-duty cop

Application Verified

Action Taken: banned for 28 December 2020
Unban At: 29 December 2020

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