making the server awesome

change player cap from 100 to 1000 in this server,
make money hard to earn
make weapons very hard to get and use
make vehicles hard to get and use
owning vehicles should be very hard
owning houses even more hard and only people with houses can access even more resources and keep a lot of stuffs and store them
make a lot of departments , like , police, traffic, medical, fuel, automobiles, taxi, body guard, farmers, repairs, goods transport, assassins, jails department, banking, licensing, hotel, dressing , gangs , mafia, military, street races (with pink slips ), investigation departments ,
interlink all the departments and make the pay increase and decrease depending on the number of players active in that specific department , like if 10 players are working as truckers individuals would get more salary when they complete the job and when 20 players are working as truckers individuals would get lesser salary when the complete the jobs ( it should be hard to get money and every penny should count), and interlink the departments like one department depends on the other ,
make “karma” to the game like doing good tasks increases your “good karma” while doing bad tasks increases your “bad karma” level , eg: so players who want to be heads of police department should reach a specific good karma to take up the job (which is a lot of good karma) and the players who want to be heard of mafia should get a specific bad karma ( a lot of bad karma) , doing good jobs like taxi, trucking , repairing etc contributes to slight increase in good karma , while jobs like thief , smuggler , drugs dealer , increases bad karma slightly as they finish tasks, and becoming a gang member requires a specific bad karma , and ever higher level job requires a specific karma to get the job,
and lots of lots of improvements could be made to make the game realistic and immersive
thank you for your time 🙂

It’s considered

Thank you for kind suggestion