How to attack zone and capture it? [for mafia only]


There are few zone’s or territory of villages or area. This territory can be captured by any mafia gang/faction. The benefit for capturing territory is to earn money and control that area. the gang who captured it will control all the activities in that zone and it’s surroundings. This territories generate revenue which can be collected any time by gang. The fund will be transferred to mafia vault.

Where to find this zones?

find the zones in map, they look like this.
mafia zone

What is master node?

master node is the center of zone, this shows the status of zone such as working sub nodes (basically properties which are generating money). This also center for capturing zone. it’s look like as shown in below image.

master node

What is property/sub node?

it’s the object that is responsible for generating revenue, it can be damaged by hand weapon only such ak47 or pistol. If someone damage it then the current owner of faction can repair it. This is basically a shop under zone which is generating revenue. it’s look like as shown in below image.

sub node

you have learnt all the basic information’s about zone, let’s continue.

Things that only mafia can do.

Capture zone or initiate gang fight for it.

  1. go to zone.
  2. Destroy all Properties
    this will initiate the fight between gang and everyone alerted that zone is under attack. The current owner gang will come and stop you from getting there zone, you just have to destroy all properties to capture zone. Once you have destroyed all the properties then just go to master node and destroy it too.
  3. once the zone is your, you have to repair all the properties so that they can generate revenue.

Take money from properties

  1. go next to property
  2. press enter to collect money into faction vault.

Repair property.

  1. go next to property.
  2. press enter to start repair.
  3. wait until repair is finished.

What next?

we have covered all the basic things about mafia zones. the more zones you have the more money your faction will earn. This is one of the best resource from where mafia can earn.


Total Zones: 4
Total Properties: 40

let’s us know on suggestions, if you think we can add more in this. Thank you.

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