Michelle"Application For CF

Name:: Michelle_Jackson

Date of Birth: 23:10:2000

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 20

Hometown: Los Santos

In Game Level: 2

Prior Organization: None

Why should you join?: I want to join this as this is biggest Mafia of Los Santos so i want to help them in Their Works I Just Want to Be a part of a mafia and do Criminals Activities in Rp Way with our Leader and Follow all works of Leader to be like a good mafia and Do Mafia Things I will never let Corleone Family Down In San Andreas.

Anything you would like to add?: I will be a good mafia and will help my Members in Criminal Works And Never Let it down before others
I will surely help to make this Conquer Criminal Gangs And activities in San Andreas

Thank You


  • Minimum level to join is = 15


  • Minimum level to join is = 15