• Your application must be original and entirely your own work .

  • You must fill out all questions, and meet, or exceed the word limits .

  • You must have a good knowledge about the server .

  • You must have the ability to read, write, and understand the English language fluently .

  • You need at least 50 scores , 500 roleplay score and 250 experience points .

  • You should be an active member of the community .

  • You must be on discord and available when we need you .

  • Must have a acceptable RP Name .


  1. All are equal, you have to respect all other workers.

  2. If you have any problem, don’t take actions on your own. Clear them by discussing from the faction leader or any other higher officials.

  3. You have to sign in to the fraction if you have worker in the faction only. You have to use /rpmode when your are signed in the faction.

  4. Don’t cry for promotions to the faction leader. It will be given if your fit for it.

  5. If u have any quires regarding SATD, you are free to report it to the faction leader.

  6. You must be on discord and be available when we need you.

  7. You have to update your work daily on timeline in forum.

  8. You have to follow the words of the faction leader.

  9. If your new to SATD, then get a starter training from the faction leader or from other workers.

  10. If u need any details about your wage contact faction leader and don’t decide on your own .

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