Naai_Sekar's police application (new)

Name : Naai_Sekar
date of birth : 18.1.2005
sex/gender : male
age : 17
hometown : TamilNadu , coimbatore
in game level : 1
have you ever been arrested? if so ,please state why: no I have never been arrested
do you have any history in law enforcement?: Yes , i worked as a police officer in B-zone server.
why would you like to join san andreas police department? : because I have expireinced as a police in b-zone city . so i will do the job same as I did in b-zone city , in IORP and with my team i have stopped many robbery .
biography : I was a police officer in B_zone police department so i know to drive police car and police vehicles but i m not a pro in driving a heli , and im good at driving two and four wheelers but im not a pro in that , i like to involve in team in any operations . i will check everyone that are they using cheats and hacks i will do my best as a police.

thank you your respected,

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bro don’t put any server name at any place the from will reject… you put b-zone server

i am from erode


  • Word limit not reached.

  • Levek requirement not reached.

  • You are not allowed to apply again for 1week from now.

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