Suggestions for mafia by Vicky

@IORP Here is the full version of my suggestions !
Suggestions for mafia

  1. Mafia zones :
  • Which means consider there is 40 zones and the mafia gang need to capture the maximum zones as they can through wars( I’m explained about war below) , so the maximum mafia team will win greater rewards and +1 points ( I’m explained about +1 points below )

  • If the zone near IORP is captured by the Corleone Family mafia gang then they are the owner of tha zone for a day and if the Crenshaw Mafia Bloods mafia gang member entered into the zone which is already captured by Corleone Family mafia gang then they can attack them to defend ( Note:Corleone Family mafia gang can attack that member only if they entering with guns and Verify before attacking )

  • The Mafia can get bribe from every shop / business which is in their captured zone with the command

  • The Mafia gang which takes the full zones will rewarded with title :“Terminators” ( “Terminators” is explained below )

  1. Mafia war system:
  • the only way to capture a zone is by war

  • The war which is running on certain time interval like 1-2 hours .So the mafia members must get ready before the war starts and need join be online at least 5 mins before the war starts

  • When the war starts every mafia members must be stay in their MAFIA GANG HQ. After the war starts they are transfered to another virtual world which is the clone the current world, so they won’t get any other distrubance and can focus on winning the war

  • Before entering into the MAFIA GANG HQ for war make sure that you have parked the mafia car inside the mafia’s HQ garage (the car which is going to be used inside the war location) and bought the guns and drugs the amount you

  • The war details : Interval [ 2 hours ] , respawn [ 3 times ] ,respawn location [ Everytime on HQ ]

  • In war you need to stay on the zone which you want to capture and you need to kill other mafia members if they are there

  • If you want to capture the zone then you need to secure it with out others being entered into to the zone

  • After captured the zone then it will be yours but it can be recaptured by other ( enemy mafia ) if they stayed on your zone securely for 2 mins !

  • If you got killed 3 times then you are thrown back to Original world

  • At the last 5 mins of war you need to get back to your MAFIA GANG HQ immediatly so you can get back to your ORiginal world safely

  • On the end of war the zones which is captured by each mafia gang will be calculated and the maximum zone which the mafia gang captured will get the winner reward and +1 points

  • If your team last today’s war so you will get cash as per your kills and your team will get -1 points

  • This is all about war and i will update if any changes are made there

  1. Mafia Shops and jobs system
  • Mafia can have special illeagle job which is called as "Drug dealers " and “Black market”

  • The mafia can have special vehicle dealership for them

  • Mafia can have their own storeroom which they can store their weapons and drugs

  • mafia jobs are as same like a job but it only can be done by the mafia members which it required you to be a mafia then only you can take this job and work on it

  • the mafia jobs gives 15% increased pay as compared to normal jobs and also you will receive +1 wanted for every load you deliveried !

  • Drug job = Which you need to delivery a van which contains drug in it from a drug dealer to their storeroom then you can get paid ( Note : Drive the van safely without being detected by the police, if they find that you are delivering drugs then they can arrest you )

  • Black market = Which you need to delivery a van which contains some Black market guns on it from a certain location to their storeroom then you can get paid ( Note : Drive the van safely without being detected by the police, if they find that you are delivering drugs then they can arrest you )

  1. Mafia’s Weaponshop and storeroom
  • Mafia’s Black market have the very powerfull and illeagle weapons

  • Mafia’s store have the large number of drugs which are used by the mafia’s ( which gave them strongness which means they have 0.5x Health as compared to normal player ) and it can be used by the normal civilians which is bought from mafias illeagly

  1. Mafia service:
  • We can make a contract on a player which means the mafia can kidnap them for us but we need to pay them a amount of cash
  1. Terminators title :
  • The MAFIA GANG Which captured the all zones then they will get this title “Terminators” and greater reward

  • Terminators title which means they are not allowed to next 3 wars but they will receive the winning money for next 3 days

  • The mafia gang which hold the terminators tile are not be arrested by normal police, So they can be only arrested by the aramed forces because they are equal to terrorist

  • The Terminators title MAFIA Gang can get money for all the shops and business and they can get drugs from other mafia’s gang

  • The normal mafia are not allowed to attack the terminators title holding mafia members

  1. +1 Points
  • The points which is used to get certain abilities for mafia gang

  • +10 points means 15% increased Cash at the end of the war

  • +15 Points means can get Terminators title

Suggestions on Weaponshop

  • Make 2 type of weaponshop

  • Leagle weaponshop which have some normal kind of weapons

  • Illeagle weaons which have some powerfull weapons

  • it will be usefull for making some realistic functions !

Suggestions for Dealership

  • Make 7 types of Dealership

  • 1st floor of our DS which contains normal cars ( 2 and 4 doored )

  • 2nd floor of our DS Which contains Sports cars

  • Make new DS place on LV which contains Trucks and heavy vehicles

  • Make new DS place on SF which contains Bikes

  • Make Specail DS for Mafias and Government Vehicles

  • Make new DS on LV airport which contains Aircraft for sell

  • Make new DS for boats !