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  • Name: Vicky_Boy

  • Suggestion:

Introduction to Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin can be bought from /alexa shop or from website for real money ( 100Bitcoin = owner fixed money )
  • Bitcoin is used to create clan, so every clan need to renew after every month otherwise it will get expired and the clan will be lost
  • Bitcoin is used to buy everything instantly
  • Bitcoin is used to buy in game cash ( Ex: 100 Bitcoin = 100000 )
  • Bitcoin is used to Add text ( custom name to their car )
  • Bitcoin is used to Change their name
  • Bitcoins is used to buy extra vehicles slots
  • More use of Bitcoin can decieded by the Owner/Admins

Introduction to Royal or ( owner deceided name ) account

  • Royal account can be bought from Bitcoins
  • Royal account will give you 50% Additional income on which you get paid from money ( Ex: you get 1000 from mining job for one load in normal account but in royal account you will get 50% Additional (500) + 1000 for one load as same in the mining job
  • Make the car spawn ( can spawn 2 only in normal account ) but with royal account you can spawn morethen 10 cars at the sae time

Getting Bitcoin for free

  • Every achievement can give you some amount of Bitcoin
  • You can get Bitcoin in some special events

Clans bitcoin generator

  • This generator will increase the players interest in clan
  • We need to add 10 Turfs on every city so totally 30 Turfs or clan tags
  • Each Turfs or tag will give you some amount of Bitcoin per hour ( amount can be fixed by owner) for only which the clan hold that clan zone (Ex: All the 10 tags in LS are hold by the RGM Clan means than my clan will get some amount of Bitcoin from these 10 tags ) so there will be fight for clan also 🙂
  • The Bitcoin Generated on the turfs or tags or Zones will be save on the Clans valut so the leader can give the bitcoins to their clan members
  • Note: This may usefull for both Community’s economy and players too