Suggestions [ Rules ]
  • Name: Vicky_Boy

  • Suggestions:

  1. This is my honest review and suggestions too . I saw the server rules and i got shocked that if the rules are too hard then won’t able to give us fun even not a satisfictions. Our aim is to provide a player fun and make them to tell the feature about the server not to tell about our disadvantages

  2. I agree that you guys made a great and unqiue server but you guys not good on rules . No one can follow the rules correctly if they try / forced to follow the metagaming, power gaming , revenge kills and such
    kind of rules then they won’t feel free and got unimpressed which result in leaving the server

  3. I suggest you guys please make the rules simple with main problem that evey player will face from other players

Example :

  • Not to kill other player for no reason
  • Not to destroy other players car for no reason
  • throwing yourself intentionally in front of passing vehicles to give the drivers wanted.
  • pushing job vehicles, faction vehicles or personal vehicles in an abusive way (for example to respawn them, move them from the owner/driver etc.).
  • intentional drive-by with Monster Truck, Sandking or vehicles with no collison (those from jobs).
  • staying AFK with wanted in air.
  • running from one house to another in order to abuse /enter.
  • blocking access points using parked vehicles.
  • diverse abusive actions of disconnecting or respawning in order to escape the punishments you need to receive from police officers.
  • if any one done any problem with you then you can post on the forum they will get punishment according to the level of the problem
  1. like this simple and easy makes more impression on server !

  2. The rules are applicable to admins also, then only the players will follow the rules and need to give punishment to admins also if they didn’t follow the rules

  3. Please owner and admins don’t mistaken me. I just gave a suggestion and my review on the rules and i hope you guys will consider this messages

Note : If you think that it affecting the server rules then please remove this

everything you have suggested is based on no facts. hence we do not approve such things. although you can report a rule on report section if you have any problems.

Dear owner i know very well that you are planning to give realistic experience on the rules but all will enjoy Realistic graphics only not a realistic rules.The fact that rules are hard to follow in real life then how we can follow them on game ? .I like realistic rules for Police department and some factions and jobs too but i don’t like realistic rules on general role play. It won’t be fun and Joyable . I hope you will redesign the rules as per request ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Note: Sorry for my bad English

Gun from ass: Non-RPing taking a gun out of inventory aka scrolling to change/draw a weapon. , so if possible, you should Reply take your gun out with /[me], but it isn’t required. (Some servers allow to take small weapons, such as pistols out from ass, but big weapons should always be roleplayed.)

Example: /me takes out a deagle from his inner shirt pocket.

Gun in ass: Vice Versa to Gun from Ass, should be roleplayed too.

Example: /me puts his deagle in his inner shirt pocket.

Whatever it is from Shirt or from (***) it doesn’t matter. we just need that killing satisfaction

Planebombing: Getting a plane and bombing it into a crowd of players causing major damage to them, which most likely ends in death of those players. Not allowed, would be abused and it’s Non-RP to do that, expect if you wan’t to RP a terrorist and get your character CK’ed rule number

We can report on the forum "Killing for no reason and the player can explain what happend there "

Character Kill [CK]: This is the ultimate kill. If you get CKed, or CK yourself, you will lose everything. Your vehicle’s, houses gets asold, money gets removed. The account is sometimes banned (only the account’s name, not the IP.) It is a must to completely roleplay it. In some servers, you get CK if you pass the amount of times you can die. (Normal death)

This is just a ban right ?

Player Kill [PK]: It’s not the same as a normal kill is. You will lose your memory, and status in faction, and sometimes, depending on a type, you lose cars, money and such. In order to PK someone, you must show great RP on the kill.

He can report on the spot “It is just as same as the killing for no reason, If they agreed each other means then they will put them selves into RPMode and then they will start fighting”

Healing in a brawl/gunfight: Just as it’s named. You can’t heal in gun fight, or a brawl. You must either make sure you’ve completely evaded/eliminated your threat, and go to replenish your health points. Even better, call an ambulance and RP. Healing includes getting armor in any way. Since this ain’t a hardcore roleplay server, just healing after you evaded/eliminated your opponent by sprunk/ meals is OK. (Not punishable on usual servers.)

( personal perference : I don’t like this rule because i just want to win ever situation in any possible ways. This looks like i had health kit on the hand but not applied 😞 )

Bunny Hop [BHOP]: Holding “sprint” button and jumping at the same time to travel faster. Associates with non-RPing, no one jumps In Real Life to travel faster, lol.

No one can enjoy from this rule !!!

Chicken Running: Running in zigzags to avoid being shot at. It’s running like a retard from side to side. If you don’t want to get jailed for Chicken Running, run straight forward or hide behind objects.

Really no one can accept this becaz no one like to die to other players, ever player will try escape in any possible ways . This should be removed i think ( only suggestions )

Exploiting: Abusing bugs. Simple, it’s just exploiting game/script bugs for your advantage. Not gonna say any examples, as people might abuse them.

i agree this
Post on forum with right proofs

Logging to avoid: Exiting the game with either “/q”, or pressing esc, choosing “Exit Game” and then “Yes”. There are 3 types of logging to avoid: Death, Arrest, and RP Situation. In Real Life you can’t just disappear.

i agree this
Post on forum with right proofs

Spawn Killing [Sometimes SK]: Repeatedly killing players/player where they spawn (hospital). Associated with DMing, rule number 6. and KOS, rule number 8…

if this also killing for no reason means then they can post them on the forum on the spot with right proofs

CarPark: Harming a player with your vehicle planted on him. This is not allowed simply because that it would be abused.

I agree and also add this " If anyone did this then you can report them on forum with right proofs"

Non-Roleplay name [NON-RP name]: A name which isn’t suitable In Real Life. So you got kicked for it, or the server reminded you about it? A name cannot be non-sense, such as “12345_ewrs”, the First Name and Last Name first letters must be capitalized, and the name can’t have numbers. In short, give your character a name your mother would give to you, your mother wouldn’t call you Mr GaySmith69?

Example of a good roleplay name:

Jake_Willson, Dimitri_Drakovich, Sonny_Tattaglia… and so.

No idea about names

Car Ramming: Attempt to physically harm a player or his vehicle with a vehicle. Forbidden, because it increases Non-Roleplay.

We can give them report option if anyone did this for no reason or else if they are agreed each other then they can fight with their cars

Driver Drive-By [DDB]: Shooting from a driver’s position with a gun. Forbidden, why? Because it’s very fast and auto-aims at the target. Only your mates sitting in passenger position may shoot.

I agree this rule but he can say this "Drive by are strictly forbidden is anyone did this you can post them with right proofs "

Kill on Sight [KOS]: Either killing everybody you see (associates with DeathMatching, rule number 6. -> see above), or killing a certain person you hate as many times as you want. Also killing someone without any roleplay. This is forbidden and not tolerated.

We can allow them if they are really like to fight or else they have the option to report if anyone killed for no reason

Revenge Kill [RK]: Attempt to physically harm a player who killed you before for the same reason - killing you. Some people think that Revenge Kill is only when you actually kill the person, but it is also a physical harm. This is simple - you are going to kill your killer, for revenge. You can’t do that, because of a simple rule - when you “die” (critically injured, unless it’s a Player Kill), you lose 30 minutes of memory. So you can’t remember who killed you.

I agree this is realistic but we are just living in game and personlly i like to revenge who messed with me and i think not only me everyone will like to revenge others in game. This rule will decrease or reduce part of players fun

DeathMatch [DM]: In Roleplay Concept, is killing a player for no reason. Just shooting them because he likes to shoot and kill, and it’s forbidden. If you like deathmatching, go to a deathmatch server.

instead of suggesting them a deathmatch server. make one rules which means " if anyone kill you for no reason then you can report on the forum with right proofs . The punishment will be given depends upon the problem"