Suggestion [ rules ]
  • Name: Vicky_Boy

  • Suggestions:

  1. This is my honest review and suggestions too . I saw the server rules and i got shocked that if the rules are too hard then won’t able to give us fun even not a satisfictions. Our aim is to provide a player fun and make them to tell the feature about the server not to tell about our disadvantages

  2. I agree that you guys made a great and unqiue server but you guys not good on rules . No one can follow the rules correctly if they try / forced to follow the metagaming, power gaming , revenge kills and such
    kind of rules then they won’t feel free and got unimpressed which result in leaving the server

  3. I suggest you guys please make the rules simple with main problem that evey player will face from other players

Example :

  • Not to kill other player for no reason
  • Not to destroy other players car for no reason
  • throwing yourself intentionally in front of passing vehicles to give the drivers wanted.
  • pushing job vehicles, faction vehicles or personal vehicles in an abusive way (for example to respawn them, move them from the owner/driver etc.).
  • intentional drive-by with Monster Truck, Sandking or vehicles with no collison (those from jobs).
  • staying AFK with wanted in air.
  • running from one house to another in order to abuse /enter.
  • blocking access points using parked vehicles.
  • diverse abusive actions of disconnecting or respawning in order to escape the punishments you need to receive from police officers.
  • if any one done any problem with you then you can post on the forum they will get punishment according to the level of the problem
  1. like this simple and easy makes more impression on server !

  2. The rules are applicable to admins also, then only the players will follow the rules and need to give punishment to admins also if they didn’t follow the rules

  3. Please owner and admins don’t mistaken me. I just gave a suggestion and my review on the rules and i hope you guys will consider this messages

Note : If you think that it affecting the server rules then please remove this

Wrong post ,I’m sorry