Suggestions for Server

Name: Kenny Da


  1. Add some masks,glasses,wearables(watch) in the clothing.Masks like bandana,anonymous mask.

  2. There should be storage in house also to store stuff like seeds,weed etc.

  3. Increase pocket storage ,if we carry weed its just 150 gm.

  4. Add something like we can carry water,soft drink with us.

  5. Add handcuff system for Gangs also.

  6. Remove class 3 weapons from ammunation,class 3 like Assault Rifles,SMG,One Shot Rifle. It should be only for Gangs and Government.

  7. It will be good if you remove rotten plant system.

Note:- It will increase RP between Gangs and civilian.

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this suggestion is marked as effective. we will work on this, and keep you updated.