• Player name: Ninja_Sujit

  • Rule’s broken: DMing

  • Time and Date: around 12:16 PM, On 7/11/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY)

  • Description: first of all started Dm for No reason. then in chat told will kill everyone but were ignored, then he started killing and get jailed and those peoples who were in jail he started to kill them all without a single reason. also get reported to admins by many players.

  • Actions Taken by ig-Admin:

  1. Freezed + warned,
  2. Kicked from server with reason: Go and learn rp rules first.
  • Evidence: here a screenshot of getting killed by him. also kill logs you can see.


  • Edit: in chatlog you can see he joined again, its because he was freezed so get rid from that he did relog and again started killing
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