Arun_Kumar's Cop application

Name: Arun_Kumar

Date of Birth: 10/12/2003


Age: 16

Hometown: Los Santos

In Game Level: 50

Have you ever been arrested? If so, please state why: No

Do you have any history in working with Law Enforcement?: Yes in SAGD

Why would you like to join the San Andreas Police Department? I would like to be a cop because i wanted to serve my city and i wanted to arrest people who do Deathmatching and people who would perform robbery.I think Police people are the most essential people because they have powers to punish people who do wrong things in the server.

Biography : Arun_Kumar was born on 10th December,2003 at Los Santos.He completed his schooling San Andreas High school and he completed his degree in Los Santos Engineering College.When he was at the age of 7 itself,he wanted to become a police officer.His father was an SAPD Commandant and he was shot dead in a Gang War.When Arun got a news that his father was dead he was shocked and didnot recover from that incident till 1 and half year.Now he is recovered and he wanted to serve like his father to the city.

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