Priyanshu's application for leave
  • What’s your current in-game name?: Priyanshu_Aggarwal

  • how much leave, do you required?: 10days (till 5th july 2020)

  • describe your reason for taking leave?:
    there is a big test on 5th july and i have not revised anything so probably to prepare for that i need lot of time that’s why am taking this big leave also because of the syllabus is fucking too big for that test and that test will be on video call so to maintain my performance in my studies i need this leave. i also wanna inform if i had covered my topic of the day then probably i will be there in-game… but currently because of that test am not able to give much time on any social media platforms(also games). i hope you understand my current situation

  • you have to come back and report to community staff, when your leave is finish, do you understand?: yeah i understood perfectly!